Student Profile

Anastasia Motilall

Anastasia Motilall came to UCF after earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Florida. She felt a connection to the school right from her first interview. “The people were so warm and inviting and genuinely interested in having me as part of the program,” she says. Motilall has always been interested in psychology and was drawn to the counseling field as a result of her experiences volunteering as a Crisis Line Counselor while an undergrad. What she appreciates most about her program are the people – the supportive nature of the faculty and the ability to build relationships.

During her time at UCF, Motilall served as Newsletter Chair for Chi Sigma Iota, the Counselor Education Honor Society. In 2012, CSI received the Outstanding Chapter Newsletter Award, which can only be won once every five years. Motilall will graduate in fall 2013. She plans to obtain her professional license and eventually pursue her PhD in Counseling Education.

Chad Billington

Chad Billington earned his BS in Psychology at the University of Florida before enrolling in the Counselor Education program in the Mental Health Counseling track. Initially interested in math and science, Billington’s interest in psychology and the mental health field developed as a result of his volunteer experiences in grade schools as an undergraduate. According to Billington, the faculty is what makes this program so great, from the experience they share to the professionalism they display. Dr. Sheri Dressler was particularly influential. Billington notes,  “She impacted me by challenging me every day…Her method of teaching made class enjoyable and has inspired me to learn as much as possible about the mental health field.”

Billington also appreciates the abundance of resources available to students. From the library graduate study rooms to the graduate student center, there is something that caters to each individual student’s needs. Billington plans to graduate in the fall 2014. After graduating, he hopes to start getting some field experience and then complete his licensure in Mental Health Counseling.

Caitlin Boline

Caitlin Boline came to the Counselor Education MA program after earning a bachelor’s degree in Family Child Science from Florida State University. She is now on the Mental Health Counseling track and her focus is on Holistic wellness counseling. Her most recent research involved helping veterans to transition to civilian life and to gain a higher quality of life. Boline has presented her research locally at the UCF Counselor Education Conference, statewide at the Florida Counselor Association Conference and internationally at the European branch of the American Counseling Association. 

During her time at UCF, Boline served as Graduate Student Representative of FASERVIC (Florida Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling) and Vice President of Upsilon Chi chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, of which she was awarded "Most Involved Member." As a percussionist, she has also assisted with UCF’s Marching Knights, a role which has made Boline feel extremely connected to the University.

When asked about the best aspects of the Counselor Education program, Boline said, “I love how it’s structured. It’s a program that really makes you look at who you are – that really makes you dig down deep into areas that you need to explore…to ensure the best care for your clients.”

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