Student Profile

Aritra Dutta, PhD

Aritra Dutta finished his PhD in mathematics in Fall 2016. He is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, with joint affiliation at the Visual Computing Center in KAUST, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Dutta’s research interests include low-rank matrix approximation and their applications in image and video analysis. As a PhD student, he collaborated with UCF’s Center for Research in Computer Vision and the Computational Imaging Lab, Lockheed Martin’s missile and fire control divisions, ExxonMobil, and 1QB Information Technology.

In Dr. Dutta’s own words, “six years of rigorous training under the supervision of professors Xin Li and Qiyu Sun made me think creatively about problems and I developed an inquisitive mind.” Quoted from his comments to the graduate program, “the faculties in the math department are working on cutting edge research problems and there are ample opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. If you have the strong quest to learn and you believe in giving your best as a graduate student, UCF can help you to flourish as a complete researcher. You can reach your dream and compete with students from top schools all over the world.”

Wu Jing, PhD

Wu Jing received his PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Deguang Han, PhD in 2006 at UCF. He joined the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Fayetteville State University as a tenure-track assistant professor in 2006 and was promoted to full professor in 2014.

According to Dr. Jing, “The Department of Mathematics of UCF is one of the best math departments in the nation. The outstanding faculty members and the strong academic atmosphere made UCF a great place to pursuit advanced degree in mathematics.” Dr. Jing is an active researcher in the areas of operator algebra, frame theory, and ring theory. He has been invited to review papers for about thirty international journals. He was awarded the Teacher of the Year of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2008, 2013, 2016, and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year of College of Arts and Sciences in 2010 at Fayetteville State University. Dr. Jing gave the credit to UCF as “I have benefitted a lot in both research and teaching from the faculty members and my fellow graduate students. Without the experience at UCF, I would not have gone this far.”

Haimei Shao, PhD

Haimei Shao, PhD, completed her doctoral degree in Mathematics in 2011. A former Quantitative Researcher in Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, she recently rejoined BB&T Funds Management. Four years of rigorous training under Jiongmin Yong, PhD at UCF made her capable of analyzing and solving problems in the real world by looking into the roots of the problem and creating the solutions from the roots as well. From her working experience since graduation in financial industry, she realized that there is a wide range of problems requiring advanced mathematical tools. For example, option pricing requires deep knowledge in Stochastic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations both theoretically and numerically. She currently is collaborating with Jiong Yong, PhD on problems relevant to Monetary Policy by applying stochastic control theory.

Arielle Gaudiello

Arielle Gaudiello is a current graduate student working towards her PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Zhisheng Shuai, PhD. Her area of research is mathematical biology, with an interest in network approaches to epidemiology. She works for the EXCEL/COMPASS Programs as a Graduate Teaching Associate. She has also worked with the L.E.A.R.N. Program through the Office of Undergraduate Research, where she was a research mentor to two freshmen. She was awarded the 2015-16 Excellence in Graduate Teaching from UCF, as well as the Professor Lee H. Armstrong GTA Award for Distinguished Teachers and the Teaching Excellence Award from the Mathematics Department.

“My time thus far at UCF has been enlightening. I have been able to instruct a variety of courses ranging from large lecture introduction level classes like College Algebra to smaller higher-level courses like Calculus II, all while researching and learning from distinguished professors within their field. I’ve been able to attend multiple summer schools, network, and build connections that will help me enter academia once I graduate.”

Cheng Cheng

 “I am very fortunate to be a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at UCF. I am grateful to my advisors Professors Xin Li and Qiyu Sun for their insightful ideas, endless patience, excellent guidance and funding that make my PhD experience productive and stimulating,” says Cheng Cheng, a doctoral student in the Mathematics Department since 2011. Cheng thanks “all faculty members for the inspiring conversations and insightful ideas they offered, the joy and enthusiasm [that] gives me boundless opportunities to explore my research interests and to gain valuable experience.”

Cheng was the recipient of the departmental Research Excellence Award 2015. Cheng was invited to present her works in various conferences and she received travel awards from various institutions such as AMS, IMA, AWM. She was invited as a Mathematical Reviews reviewer, and will work as a postdoc fellow at Michigan State University. Cheng gave the credit to UCF as “one of the best universities in the nation. Without the unlimited resources and greatest faculties here, I could not make any of my achievements. Please extend appreciation to all the faculties and staffs for the excellent learning experience.’’ 

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